How it works

Shop at a Tax Free authorized store

  • The total value of your purchase must equal or exceed 175 euros (including the value-added tax)
  • After making the payment you must ask the seller for the fiscal invoice, the receipt, and the “VAT refund form for non-EU residents”
  • You must leave Romania within 90 days from the date of purchase

Do not forget to have the form stamped!

  • At the customs office you must show your purchases, the invoice, proof of payment, and the “VAT refund form for non-EU residents” filled out by the seller with your personal data
  • The customs office must stamp the invoice and the VAT refund form
  • If you leave the EU by air and you need to check in your purchases, you have to inform the check-in desk so that customs can process your purchases and documentation before your baggage is loaded on the aircraft
  • If you leave the EU by air but make a stop in another member state, carry-on purchases must be presented to the customs office of the last EU country you are transiting, while checked baggage must be presented to Romanian customs
  • If you leave the country by land, you will have the documents stamped at the last customs office before exiting the EU
  • Important! If the information provided is inaccurate, customs may refuse to certify that the goods have left the EU area
  • Attention! The VAT cannot be refunded without a valid customs stamp.

Ask for a refund!

  • You must mail to Ask for Tax Free the original of the VAT refund form and a copy of the invoice, both stamped by the customs, and then wait for the refund to clear
  • You will be refunded the VAT paid on the goods you purchased minus Ask for Tax Free’s processing fee and the bank’s transaction fee
  • You will thus have the opportunity to recoup up to 19% of the value of your purchase after leaving the EU