What goods are eligible for TAX FREE purchases?

Any goods bought at an authorized store whose total value is at least 175 euros, VAT included. To claim back the VAT these must be in an unused state (in their original sealed packaging), must be bought on a fiscal invoice and be transported in the hand baggage (not checked baggage).

Does the TAX FREE facility also apply to services (hotel accommodation, restaurant bills)?

No, this facility only applies to the purchase of goods.

Do I absolutely need the customs office’s stamp?

The stamp of the customs office is mandatory, or your purchase will not be eligible for a VAT refund. The VAT refund form and the fiscal invoice must both be stamped by customs upon leaving the EU.

Do I have to carry all the purchased goods in my hand baggage?

Usually, yes. But if your purchase is too bulky to meet your hand luggage requirements, it must be presented to the customs office before checking in. In this case it is advisable to get to the airport early to get through all the formalities.

What if I leave Romania on a flight that makes a stop in another EU member state?

Hand baggage: the carry-on goods, the VAT refund form, and the fiscal invoice must be presented to the customs office of the last EU member state visited before leaving the EU.

Checked baggage: the goods must be presented to the customs office of the airport of departure, before checking in.

Does the TAX FREE facility apply to goods shipped by carrier, by mail, or purchased on the internet?

Yes, but only if these goods are delivered to an address in Romania and are then transported across EU’s borders.

May I use the purchased goods before leaving the EU?

No, they must be presented to the customs as purchased, in their sealed packaging. The customs may otherwise refuse to stamp your documents.

How can I make sure a store is TAX FREE authorized?

Please check whether the store displays the Tax Free logo or inquire with the staff.

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